Caroline Walls for SARAH & SEBASTIAN

Caroline Walls for SARAH & SEBASTIAN




Those unfamiliar with the work Caroline Walls will find clues to its themes in the titles of a few noteworthy collections: She & Her, Women, Intimacy, Abstract Nudes. Walls’s art (which encompasses paintings, prints, drawings, photography, soft sculpture, and more) is both spare and completely all-consuming, depicting the female form in ways that emphasise its grace and dynamism.


Known for her stark, minimalist aesthetic and unabashed appreciation of the female form, Caroline has been steadily accruing a cohort of dedicated fans in the last 2 years. 


Thanks to her training as a graphic designer, Caroline has a deeply considered approach to her work, which is reflected in the simple composition and fluidity of her work, something that we can directly relate to at SARAH & SEBASTIAN. Caroline comments "It is as much about the lines that I choose to paint as it is about the lines and curves I choose to leave out. Simplification of form is at the core of my art-making process."







To celebrate Mother’s Day, we have collaborated with celebrated Australian artist, Caroline Walls, to unveil a limited-edition collection of necklaces for mothers and expectant mothers.


Walls’ minimalist style and interpretations of the abstract female form are synonymous to SARAH & SEBASTIAN’s contemporary aesthetic. In this very special collection, large and small gold disc pendants are adorned with Walls fluid drawings celebrating the curves of women and expectant mothers. Walls’ hand-drawn designs were skilfully engraved into small wax discs, before being casted and handcrafted with sandblasted details in our Sydney studio.


The exclusive collaboration marks the beginning of our limited-edition series in which we celebrates contemporary art, the vein that continually inspires our co-founders Sarah Gittoes and Robert Grynkofki. “We have a deep appreciation of visual arts as a brand, so this marks the beginning of an exciting ongoing project for us. Collaborating with Caroline Walls was so seamless, and the pendants look exactly how we both envisioned them. We like to think of SARAH & SEBASTIAN jewellery as pieces of wearable art. So, it’s really exciting to bring this to life - now we’re able to offer true works of art for our customers to wear.” Comments Gittoes.