Australian opals hero in the Chroma story, and are sourced from Coober Pedy in South Australia, known as the opal capital of the world. Our Co-founders visited this sun drenched pocket of the country several years ago and have wanted to work with this gemstone ever since. Gittoes recalls “standing in the Coober Pedy opal fields was incredible, witnessing the natural state of these gemstones was powerful”. The uniqueness of these opals are fuelled by their natural state and their potent colour is untouched by mankind. Opals themselves diffract white light, breaking it up into the colours of the spectrum and are carefully curated with white melee diamonds and blue topaz.

SKIN is an exploration of the outermost layer’s transformative nature, an intrinsic balance of textures executed by self-manifestation. Inspired by the illuminated properties of sea creatures' skin, each piece within the collection is designed to interact with and augment the body.