Often overwhelmed by where to begin your piercing journey? Ever wondered or imagined what the ultimate ear alchemy would look like? A sentiment shared by many, it's normal to wonder how to achieve the right balance of piercings and jewellery. A balance between form and function, it’s important for every part of the piercing journey to feel balanced and consolidated. 

Curating the perfect ‘Ear Alchemy’ is a combination of personal style and discovery of your unique ear anatomy; our piercer's priority is to create balance with styling that is unique to your anatomy and aesthetic. Whilst traditional ear-piercing styling has been focused on symmetry, we love experimenting with the distinct styling of each ear, highlighting different features with diamonds, opals and other precious stones and motifs.

Often years in the making, the best way to achieve your desired look is to build up over time. But what if you could have it all at once? It's nice to imagine. Styled with a combination of piercings and SARAH & SEBASTIAN Internally Threaded Cartilage Earrings, our expert piercers have imagined their ideal ear.

Working with the contours of the ear is about appreciating and accentuating any striking features. Given that the lobe is so delicious, it allows for all of the room for activities; a triangular formation nicely fills out the space and is also a great way of balancing out any uneven placements in correspondence with the other lobe. Of course, opals are a favourite of mine so they are definitely a must in any scenario!

Simple but striking! The minimal look is classic but really gives room for each piece to shine. The Gossamer II being one of the most-wanted pieces works so nicely on the ear flat to fill out the top half of the ear. With all pieces being claw-set, it gives it a really cohesive look but something that is very timeless. Besides, who could say no to the Gravity!?
Though our piercing edit is wonderful within itself, I enjoy creating new meaning from the delicate yet intricate shapes and using the ear as a canvas to display the collection. Placing different abstract shapes together can give new meaning to the pieces, which is a story within itself; it just goes to show how impossible it is to choose one single favourite piece overall!

Using a range of different shapes is dynamic but still works with the ear's individual features. Being a sucker for a faux rook, the placement works well with the forward helix to create an overall balance. The angular motion of the Exo would match well with the shape of the auricle, whilst a standard first, second and third placement on the lobe allows for a multidisciplinary look and feel.
Ear alchemy is a delicate balance between working with the body's individual healing process closely alongside aesthetic preferences. It is definitely a slow and steady process to successfully heal a piercing, so having each piece create its own statement on different sections of the ear really helps instantly fill the area out. Keeping it nice and stated with the white diamonds with a pop of citrine in the lobe really ties together this look.

The black diamonds have some depth and mysteriousness to them. Trickled in amongst the glimpses of sleek, simple shapes in the yellow gold, it allows for a full effect whilst keeping it nice and simple. Having never had the opportunity to work with black diamonds previously has given me a newfound love for them.

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