Tucked away in one of the city’s most iconic laneways, Crossley Street, is our newest retail destination, showcasing fine 18 karat gold and diamond piercing earrings, alongside our signature jewellery collection.

Continuing to collaborate with distinct design perspectives, our co-founders Sarah Munro and Robert Grynkofki have partnered with renowned interior architect, George Livissianis, to expand on the brand’s vision of physical retail destinations. 

Attracted to the space for its humble, original tiled storefront, original titled storefront, its historic fabric and small 29sq.m footprint, the store’s scale and elongated shape inspired Livissianis to explore a mechanical compactus system; a highly polished object with immaculate detail to contrast the raw carcass of the space - bare, brutal, textural. Detailing of the compactus units is likened to refined bank vault drawers, with the system adding a mobile dynamic to enhance the retail experience and sense of discovery as you move through the space.

The store’s soft light makes the ceilings glow, whilst the compactus frames are perforated with internal lighting, stealing the prominent focus. Other elements including signage and the store’s purpose built Piercing Lab were approached with the same vision; high polished surfaces and precision fabricated details to juxtapose the existing environment.

I fell in love with Crossley Street’s energy and unique curation of residents many years ago and had always dreamed of opening a store there. Our jewellery and Piercing Lab feel at home in this cultural hub, complementing its diverse, creative environment.” - Sarah Munro, Creative Director

Unveiling our premium piercing service, Melbourne based clients are now able to experience our coveted ‘Ear Alchemy’ experience; a luxury ear anatomy styling and piercing service. The service is conducted privately utilising sterile, single-use needles by experienced, professional piercers, committed to providing clients with the highest standards of sterilisation, placement advice and piercing.

Appointments are available Tuesday to Saturday and clients are recommended to book online to avoid disappointment.