Entranced by Homer’s epic Greek poem, Creative Director Sarah Munro reflects on strong female deities and emotive language in the new collection ODYSSEY. In a time of stillness, escapism and adventure is pursued through the mythology of gods and goddesses.

Deep red garnets stir up imagery of a ‘Winedark’ ocean, claw set in linear gradients.  Waves are mapped in contoured forms on statement torques and cuffs.  Feminine figures incarnate goddesses, set on fine chains as pendants and linked together in sculptural chains. In a homage to its origin, ancient greek jewellery informs motifs and silhouettes within the collection stories. 

PHOTOGRAPHER: Jake Terrey @ The Artist Group
ASSISTANT: Ryan Flanagan
STYLIST & PRODUCER: Emma Kalfus & Karla Clarke
HAIR & MAKEUP: Molly Warketin @ HM Division
DESIGNER: Ady Neshoda
WRITTEN BY: Samantha Wong
MODEL: Manahou Mackay @ Kult