SARAH & SEBASTIAN has become known for fine, curatable earrings; intricate designs handcrafted in solid gold. However, after creating our 18K internally threaded earrings, we realised the endless possibilities when it came ear styling. 

We wanted to create a luxury service for our clients, to share how our jewellery could be expertly styled in different placements and offer professional, safe body piercing to the highest standards. This vision came to life as we brought on board a team of exceptionally talented body-piercers with a love for fine jewellery, piercing and the ear's anatomy. 

'We refer to our piercing service as 'ear alchemy' - the process of transforming one's ear through the combination of anatomy specific piercings and fine jewellery.' - Sarah Munro, Creative Director⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

We understand that getting a piercing can be a daunting experience, so we invite you step inside the Ear Alchemy experience at our Paddington Piercing Lab...

Piercing Lab


One level below the street, in the calm and quiet, is where you’ll find our Paddington Piercing Lab. A bunker beneath busy Oxford Street, Paddington, our Lab is set apart from the bustling scene above it; a necessary peace when getting your ears pierced. When you arrive, your SARAH & SEBASTIAN piercer (Marta or Teara) will greet you and escort you to the Lab. 

You will first be asked to fill out a waiver and answer some questions so we can ensure the piercing service can be performed safely. This is paramount to our process as we want to ensure your piercing will be able to heal well.

Your piercer will then assess your ears, detailing your unique anatomy; often inspiring you to think outside of what you had originally planned and consider another or more piercing placements. This placement discussion is always linked to jewellery and we spend time going through our piercing edit of solid 18k gold, diamond or opal earrings to choose the perfect piece. 

SARAH & SEBASTIAN piercing earrings are specifically designed for initial piercings, crafted in 18K gold to prevent sensitivity and closed with internally threaded backs, to ensure smoothness when inserting. 


Piercing earrings

After choosing your earring (or earrings - they are hard to resist!), your piercer will set up the space; cleaning your ear and marking your new piercing. Once you’ve  looked in the mirror, and agreed to the placement, your piercer will prepare their sterile tools and begin work using the aseptic technique.

You will be asked turn your head to the side, ready for your piercing and a sterile drape is placed over the side of your face, with a small window for your ear - ensuring the piercing process is sterile as well as there being nothing to distract the piercer; focusing only on the ear that is in front of them. Testing the texture and sponge of your ear, before threading the needle through, we suggest taking a deep breath as the needle is gently pushed through your ear. Lastly your piercer will gently insert the earring back into your piercing, and screw on the pendant, before allowing you a moment to admire your new piercing. 

“The technique of how a piercing is done can greatly affect a client’s overall experience as well as how their piercing heals. We only use sterilised needles for our piercings as they are far safer in terms of hygiene and impact, smoother in motion causing less trauma and pain, and allow greater precision for placement."

 - Sarah Munro.



The last but arguably the most important part of the piercing process is aftercare. Your piercer will provide verbal instructions on how to take care of your new piercing and we provide an aftercare guide to take home, containing essential information about ways to treat your piercing, cleaning instructions, what to avoid, and a healing timeline. 

To ensure that your new piercing heals correctly and efficiently, we cannot stress the importance of listening to your piercer and following our recommendations outlined in our aftercare guide; aligned with current professional and healthcare standards.

We recommend booking in an aftercare appointment a few weeks after your piercing, where we can assess your healing and offer a downsize if needed. Our piercers will assign a length of threaded backing during your piercing service to allow for any initial swelling so once this has subsided you may find a shorter backing is more comfortable and better aids healing.

Aftercare advice and support to our piercing clients is ongoing. Our piercers are always contactable via email at piercing@sarahandsebastian.com if you have any questions or concerns!

We hope this journal article has shed some light on the SARAH & SEBASTIAN piercing experience and you're excited to start your ear alchemy journey. We operate our Piercing Labs in Paddington and MECCA Flagship in Sydney and Melbourne City. Whilst walk in appointments are sometimes available we recommend booking online to avoid disappointment!