Our Creative Director, Sarah Munro, vividly recalls the story of her aunt's visit to the Marais, Paris in the 1970s, where she had a chain permanently soldered to her wrist as a memory of the trip. Inspired by the idea of permanent jewellery, Sarah always aspired to bring the concept to life at SARAH & SEBASTIAN. Soldered, as we know it today, involves a fine bracelet permanently soldered onto the wrists of those not shy of commitment, fondly referred to as “jewellery’s tattoo”.

“We like to think of our Soldered bracelets as jewellery’s version of a tattoo, as every wearer attributes their own meaning to their permanent piece,” 
- Sarah Munro.

A promise, moment in time, or relationship, Soldered bracelets have come to signify many different things to our clients. Labelled as the new alternative to traditional friendship bracelets, they often symbolise a connection between friends or lovers, tangibly expressing bonds.

This unique, in-person experience is hosted at our Mosman and Armadale stores and pop-ups at MECCA stores. Our solderers tailor each bracelet to the client by measuring the wrist and cutting the chain to the desired fit (we recommend nice and snug). There is also the option of adding a slider (or sliders) of your choice; tiny charms featuring diamonds, opals, hearts or letters. You are then fitted with a protective arm band, shielding your skin, before the two ends of the chain are soldered together delicately, using a micro soldering torch. After a quick test of durability, with a few strong tugs, the chain is given a final polish; leaving you with a seamless, Soldered bracelet.

“SARAH & SEBASTIAN have always sought to challenge traditional jewellery, by rebelling against convention with our manufacturing techniques and innovative approach, Soldered is an extension of this ethos.”
- Robert Sebastian Grynkofki.
Soldered bracelets are made from solid 10K gold ensuring that they won’t tarnish or dull over time from swimming, showering or just daily wear. They are durable with many clients having worn theirs for years already and if for any reason need to be removed, we simply recommend cutting at the jump ring so that it may be re-soldered at an aftercare appointment. In our aftercare appointments, sliders may be added to existing bracelets as we know it's hard to stop at one.

Soldered appointments are available Wednesdays through to Saturdays at our Mosman and Armadale stores. Move quickly though, as these appointments fill up fast!

LOCATIONS: Mosman, Armadale, MECCA Flagship and MECCA Highpoint.

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