All SARAH & SEBASTIAN products come with a voluntary manufacturer’s warranty. In addition to this, they come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law.  Please find the terms of SARAH & SEBASTIAN’s current voluntary warranty against defects and warranty period below as well as your rights under the Australian Consumer Law. 



Subject to the terms of this warranty, SARAH & SEBASTIAN offers a warranty against manufacturing defects for genuine SARAH & SEBASTIAN items purchased from one of our retail stores or online at www.sarahandsebastian.com.
For all items purchased up until December 31st 2023, the warranty period is 6 months from the date of purchase (Warranty Period*). For items purchased from January 1st 2024 onwards, the warranty period is extended to 2 years from the date of purchase.

At SARAH & SEBASTIAN's discretion, we will offer a repair (where possible) for genuine SARAH & SEBASTIAN items exhibiting a manufacturing defect during the warranty period. Certain exclusions outlined below apply.

*Note: You may have other rights and resolutions (including the right to receive a refund) under the Australian Consumer Law. Depending on the relevant circumstances, your rights under the Australian Consumer Law may, in some circumstances, continue to apply after the end of SARAH & SEBASTIAN’s Warranty Period.



SARAH & SEBASTIAN does not take responsibility for lost jewellery.



  • SARAH & SEBASTIAN does not offer repairs, refunds or exchanges for defective product purchased from any of our authorised stockists. If the product purchased from an authorised stockist is found to be defective or damaged, it is up to the discretion of the stockist as to how they wish rectify the matter in accordance with Australian Consumer Law.
  • SARAH & SEBASTIAN’s warranty does not apply to items that have been handled against our care instructions or damaged by accident or misuse. Please see follow the care instructions listed on our website.
  • All metals will tarnish over time, but it will happen much faster if they have contact with agents such as perfume, salty air, sulphur, skin creams, hairspray, chlorine and acidic skin pH. The amount of tarnishing (oxidation) that occurs depends on your skin and jewellery care habits. Tarnishing due to the above reasons, is not covered under this warranty.
  • Any repairs or modifications made to your SARAH & SEBASTIAN jewellery that are not performed by SARAH & SEBASTIAN will void the voluntary warranty.

SARAH & SEBASTIAN’s voluntary warranty does not override your rights under Australian Consumer Law.  SARAH & SEBASTIAN’s voluntary warranty provides benefits in addition to your other rights and remedies under the Australian Consumer Law or any other applicable consumer law in Australia; and does not exclude, restrict, modify, limit, replace or override your rights under the Australian Consumer Law, including the consumer guarantees.

Depending on the relevant circumstances, your rights under the Australian Consumer Law may continue to apply after the end of SARAH & SEBASTIAN’s voluntary warranty period. 



To make a warranty claim, please take your jewellery and proof of purchase to:

Store of purchase

Where to make your warranty claim

SARAH & SEBASTIAN Retail Store - Mosman, Paddington, Armadale, Melbourne City, Chadstone

Online return portal or any SARAH & SEBASTIAN retail store

Online Store (www.sarahandsebastian.com)

Online return portal or any SARAH & SEBASTIAN retail store

SARAH & SEBASTIAN authorised stockist

Original store of purchase


Store locations are available online at https://www.sarahandsebastian.com/pages/stores

Note: SARAH & SEBASTIAN retail stores only sell SARAH & SEBASTIAN products.

SARAH & SEBASTIAN authorised stockists sell SARAH & SEBASTIAN items and other brands.

Please retain your proof of purchase to assist with your warranty claim.

For assistance or questions about how or where to make a warranty claim or if you cannot return items to the store, please call 1300 050 220 or email info@sarahandsebastian.com. 

This warranty against defects is given by:

ABN 57 155 463 764
1300 050 220



You have the protection of consumer guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law. (Note: The general comments below are not a comprehensive or exhaustive summary of the Australian Consumer Law.) 

Relevantly, the Australian Consumer Law contains certain statutory automatic guarantees (consumer guarantees) which provide you with a basic guaranteed/automatic level of protection when you purchase SARAH & SEBASTIAN jewellery in Australia.  For example, there is a consumer guarantee that our jewellery is of acceptable quality (that is, free from defects, safe, durable, acceptable in appearance/finish, and fit for wearing based on what a reasonable consumer would regard as acceptable given the type of goods, price of goods (if relevant), description/statements on packaging/labels, statements made by supplier/manufacturer about the goods and other relevant circumstances).  

If your SARAH & SEBASTIAN jewellery fails to comply with the applicable consumer guarantees you are entitled to certain remedies under the Australian Consumer Law. In accordance with the applicable provisions of the Australian Consumer Law: Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.  Note: “major failure” has a specific meaning under the Australian Consumer Law. 

Full details of your consumer rights may be found at www.consumerlaw.gov.au