Celebrating two significant milestones in the SARAH & SEBASTIAN journey, we invited friends of the brand to an evening of cocktails, canapés and conversations in the courtyard of our Paddington store. The exclusive event marked the launch of our Blue Corridor collection, as well as the sentimental re-opening of our first ever Oxford Street location.

"In the spring evening air, Sarah & Sebastian shared sentiments of the sea, sustainability, and gratitude to their creative community for their ongoing collaboration. The result was an evening that touched on the power of togetherness.”

– Ella O’Keeffe, Head of Brand for Vogue.

Projected against the backdrop of the store, guests were treated to a viewing of the Blue Corridor film, directed by Alice Wesely smith and set to a soundtrack by Mara Schwerdtfeger. Viewers sipped champagne and bespoke cocktails infused with rose, lychee, Four Pillar's Gin and a dash of Blue Curaçao.

"I was so happy to be there to celebrate these wonderful milestones with Sarah, Robert and the entire Sarah & Sebastian team. Congratulations on your stunning new collection and campaign and the beautiful refurbishment.”

– Victoria Lee, Model

Following a moving speech from creative director and co-founder Sarah Munro, attendees – including model Victoria Lee, Blue Corridor muse Astrid Holler, tastemaker Yasmin Suteja and Vogue Head of Brand Ella O'Keeffe – mulled over diamond embellished statement pieces, sapphire-encrusted earrings and sculptural whale tails from the Blue Corridor collection. 

“BLUE CORRIDOR draws inspiration from the mesmerising spectacle of whale migrations along Sydney’s coastline. My profound connection to the ocean and its majestic inhabitants served as the driving force behind this collection.”

– Sarah Munro, Co-founder and Creative Director of SARAH & SEBASTIAN

To coincide with the launch of Blue Corridor, the evening also paid homage to the re-opening of the Paddington store, a considered reimagining designed in collaboartion with Akin Atelier. Oscillating between the natural and refined, etched and polished, robust and delicate, the new space embraces tensions and dualities with hand finished aluminium and sandstone displays, encapsulating our ever evolving design ethos.

“The redesign of our Paddington store marks a sentimental moment for both Sarah and I. It signifies a milestone in our brand's history but also a bold step forward in shaping the future direction and philosophy of SARAH & SEBASTIAN.”

– Robert Sebastian Grynkofki, Co-founder of SARAH & SEBASTIAN

Discover the Blue Corridor collection here.