Introducing our holiday collection, LIGHTWAVE is inspired by the captivating movement of light. Akin to waves in the ocean, light is explored as an infinite series of refractions and diffractions that can illuminate, create warmth, or cast shadows. At the heart of LIGHTWAVE lies the intricate interplay between light, precious stones, and sculptural silhouettes.


“As a gemologist, I am fascinated by the way precious stones interact with light. For our holiday collection this year, I aimed to explore this idea, both from a conceptual perspective and through the creative we developed for our campaign.” — Sarah Munro, co-founder and Creative Director. 

Showcasing exquisite skill and meticulous attention, LIGHTWAVE pieces seamlessly integrate natural diamonds. Produced in-house at our SARAH & SEBASTIAN Sydney studio, our team of skilled jewellers collaborate closely with our designers to flawlessly incorporate these diamonds into each design.  

Passionate about sourcing and selecting the most beautiful, responsibly sourced stones, our team of expert jewellers and gemologists hand-pick each diamond featured in this collection as we comply with the Kimberley Process. Each diamond is hand-set under the microscope by some of our most experienced diamond setters, ensuring the highest quality and precision.

As a proud member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), we are dedicated to using ethical and responsible practices in both our sourcing and manufacturing processes. Committed to providing each client with diamonds of the highest clarity and colour, all ethically sourced which allows us to provide clients with transparency across our supply chain.

Crafted in 18-karat gold and with a dedication to local craftsmanship and creativity, LIGHTWAVE is entirely designed and handcrafted in our Sydney studio. Highlighting our commitment to originality and sophistication, pieces from LIGHTWAVE feature exclusive custom claps designed by Robert Sebastian Grynkofki, co-founder and Managing Director of SARAH & SEBASTIAN.

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