Introducing Heirloom, a 76 piece collection evoking memories and a sense of tradition whilst maintaining the modern sensibility SARAH & SEBASTIAN is known for. 




Striking a personal cord with Creative Director Sarah Gittoes, the collection takes inspiration from pieces in her mother's jewellery box.


Each piece elicits memories and carries great significance for Gittoes, telling the story of generations of her own family; from her mother's coin signet ring and 80's button earrings to her grandmother's engagement ring and pearl chain necklaces.


Co-Founders Sarah Gittoes and Robert Sebastian Grynkofki reimagined each design and object to embody the refined aesthetic the brand is recognised for. The pair particularly love the design elements used in the Di Earring, the Torc Earring, the Large Whirl brooch and the Large Coin Necklace. 

For the first time, SARAH & SEBASTIAN have ethically sourced lab formed sapphire and ruby stones to create an oversized single earring that interprets a traditional stone in a modern way. The timeless white diamond and freshwater pearls receive a contemporary update throughout the collection, epitomising the concept of the modern classic. Discreet diamond details at the ends of wire knots and rings allude to understated luxury.

 All pieces are handmade by skilled jewellers in our Sydney studio, from the Line Chain Bracelet, made completely by hand, to a capsule of wire styles. Complementing the familial spirit that inspired the collection, Heirloom looks to the past to move into the future.