Creative Direction: Sarah Gittoes 

Photography: Michael Naumoff 

Photography Assistant: Tim Roodenrys.  

Hair/Makeup: Jaclyn Hnitko and Joel Phillips. 

Talent: Curtis as Aries, Johanna as Taurus, El as Gemini, Memu as Cancer, Jim as Leo, Kitty as Virgo, Jadie as Libra, Phoebe as Scorpio, Kelsi as Sagittarius, Ali as Capricorn, Lynn as Aquarius and Gabby as Pisces.   


SARAH & SEBASTIAN invites you to harness the influence of your astrological blueprint with ZODIAC. Drawing inspiration from an ongoing interest in the meaning and characteristics of each star sign, the cosmos finally aligned for Sarah Gittoes and Robert Grynkofki. The result is a 24-piece collection of timeless zodiac necklaces and single earrings.  



Telling the ZODIAC story through a series of portrait photography, each astrological sign is personified by their human counterpart. The raw and sincere images, shot Michael Naumoff, heroes a group of individuals who strongly identify with their star signs and express the energy each zodiac symbolises. “The ZODIAC collection allows our customers to hold on to a SARAH & SEBASTIAN jewellery piece they can identify with. We wanted to put real people in the spotlight to highlight their specific traits and idiosyncrasies. There is a particular attitude, humour, engagement and interaction that shines through in everyone based on their zodiac sign.” comments Gittoes.



Whether you're an innovative Aquarius, a fierce Aries, or a water-loving Capricorn, SARAH & SEBASTIAN’s ZODIAC collection will not only fit with your signature style, but fit your personality as well. “I think the time you were born plays a significant role in how you are as an individual. I’m definitely super sensitive and a wide-eyed dreamer so I completely identify as a Pisces. It was refreshing to play on my own unique attributes for the shoot.” comments ZODIAC model Gabby Dover.