Volume One

An exploration of the rare and remarkable wonders that lie just below the surface; OBSCURA by SARAH & SEBASTIAN implores us to pay attention to precious details, to embrace the surreal and to trust that sometimes the most spectacular things are only revealed over time.


Fluidity is infinite in our fine kelp forms. Inspired by the hypnotic movements of giant kelp forests found in the Great Southern Reef, this story captures the transcendent experience of diving and celebrates our innate connection to nature's ephemeral flow. Each piece in the Golden Kelp story is designed to interact effortlessly with the body's natural curvature; free from rigid forms, these pieces undulate organically and, at times, appear to float above the skin.

Continuing our exploration into the surreal, Golden Kelp is defined by gradients of white and champagne diamonds, uniquely inverted in their setting to create distinctive contours, mirroring the myriad shades of gold found amongst the kelp forests.



An ode to the sea that celebrates the intricate nature of our craft, every piece in the Pearl story is unique and handcrafted to trace the organic form of each responsibly sourced Keshi Pearl. Here, the settings of our Fine Kelp Pearl Earrings and Pearl Silk Necklace are manipulated by hand to map the precise topography of each precious stone, while the Venus Pearl Bangle and signet ring use a traditional wax carving method to mirror the lustrous form.



The enigmatic nature of the Weedy Sea Dragon has long fascinated SARAH & SEBASTIAN’s Creative Director, Sarah Munro. Endemic to Australia's southern and western coasts, these elusive creatures are distinguished by their leaf-like appendages, which serve as camouflage in the realms of seaweed and kelp. This story explores the intricate form of the Sea Dragon, taken from images captured by Sarah during her dives, rendered in 3D and precisely cast in 10 and 18-karat gold as earrings, pendants and a permanent SOLDERED bracelet.

To safeguard the future of this rare and near-threatened species, twenty percent of the proceeds from our Sea Dragon Necklace will be directed towards the Australian Marine Conservation Society, one of the founding partners of The Xanthe Project.



Discover a selection of immersive, aural delights inspired by the collection and campaign. Featuring Nils Frahm, Bjork, Meitei and Caroline Polachek