Love Letters, A Series of Verses Penned By Rosie Dalton

Love Letters, A Series of Verses Penned By Rosie Dalton

In a subtle nod to Valentine’s Day, this year we collaborated with Australian writer Rosie Dalton, a wordsmith well-versed in the art of poetry and prose. Through a series of lyrical Love Letters, Dalton illuminates different facets of love and connection – intimate love, friendship and care for the planet – bringing into focus the raw and remarkable ways in which they each manifest.

A concept rooted in our iconic 10 and 18-karat gold Letter Necklaces, the campaign shines a light on our most sought-after pieces – tangible love letters that speak a thousand words, symbolising meaningful moments and memories.

In conversation with Rosie Dalton, we shed light on her inspirations, introspections on notions of love, and why she believes jewellery holds powerful stories.

SARAH & SEBASTIAN: What fuels the inspiration behind your writings, especially your poetry?

ROSIE DALTON: I am very inspired by nature in my work. Poetry flows most easily, I find, when I’m feeling creatively recharged, and this tends to coincide with periods of time spent by the water or out and about in nature.

SARAH & SEBASTIAN: How did you approach the concept of Love Letters and different kinds of love for this collaboration?

RD: Musing on the different kinds of love for this collaboration, I decided to address these unique facets of love for each individual letter. Intimate love, platonic love, and love for nature each hold an important place in my heart, so there was plenty for me to draw from on a personal level. 

SARAH & SEBASTIAN: Can you share some insights into the inspiration behind each letter? Are there any specific lines, paragraphs or symbolic motifs that resonate with you most?

RD: Jewellery carries great storytelling power I find, so my inspiration for each letter was not only the different facets of love, but also the alchemical materials that make up our expressions of that love. In Dear Romance, I was inspired by precious gems like diamonds and rubies. For Dearest Friend, it was the idea of a classic friendship letter bracelet. And for Dear Earth, it was precious metals like silver and gold. One line that particularly resonates with me is the very first line I penned for this special project:

Have you stopped to smile at the clouds lately
and admired the colour of diamonds?

SARAH & SEBASTIAN: Both words and jewellery have the power to hold sentimental value and emotional connection – do you have any jewellery pieces or heirlooms that you hold close to your heart? 

RD: Jewellery is such an important part of my personal style — particularly the pieces that I have been gifted or those heirlooms that have been handed down as a kind of love letter from my loved ones. My wedding band contains a diamond that belonged to my mother’s mother, for example. And I inherited a beautiful pearl pendant from my father’s mother, which I then added to the vintage fob chain that my husband sourced for a special birthday. 

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