The Expansion of Ear Alchemy with Tamila Purvis

The Expansion of Ear Alchemy with Tamila Purvis

Unveiling the expansion of our renowned Ear Alchemy experience, we are proud to announce the appointment of Tamila Purvis as the Head of Ear Alchemy. With her immense talent and expertise, Tamila is set to redefine luxury piercing and styling under the SARAH & SEBASTIAN banner.

At SARAH & SEBASTIAN, we have always believed in a personalised experience that resonated with individuals' styles and preferences. With the introduction of Tamila, we are taking this philosophy to a new level. A veteran in the fashion and jewellery industry with over 15 years of experience, her creative vision, innovative spirit, and dedication to craftsmanship have made her a trailblazer in the industry. 

Under Tamila’s guidance, our Ear Alchemy experience is not just a piercing appointment, it’s an art form that celebrates the uniqueness of every individual. Hosted by our growing team of expert piercers, Ear Alchemy is the SARAH & SEBASTIAN approach to luxury piercing and styling.

Tell us a bit about your background, experience and training – how did you get your start in piercing and what made you want to be a part of this industry?

TAMILA PURVIS: My path to becoming a professional piercer started in the 1990s when my fascination with punk influences in British magazines like The Face and ID Magazine sparked my interest in photography and styling. This passion drove me to pursue a formal education in these fields, eventually paving the way for my first editorial role as the Founding Fashion Editor at RUSSH Magazine in 2004. Throughout my career, I found my approach to be very jewellery-focused which inspired me to co-found successful jewellery line, maniamania, that gained a large international following, success and recognition for over a decade.

During my years of designing, I drew inspiration from piercing jewellery and the aesthetic of multiple piercings, which ignited my desire to pursue creating actual piercing jewellery. Eager to learn more about the art of piercing, I trained under my mentor Andre Meyer, who generously took me under his wing. Under his guidance, I discovered my natural aptitude for piercing and decided to pursue it professionally. I dedicated two years to an apprenticeship with Andre, honing my skills and knowledge before launching my own jewellery line and embarking on my career as a professional piercer.

Tell us about your personal brand, Tamila Purvis – when and how did this come about? Do you design all the jewellery? Is it something you will continue to pursue?

TP: My personal brand was a natural evolution rooted in my passion for jewellery design and creativity. I have always loved designing jewellery, which seamlessly translated into creating pieces for my piercing practice. In addition to designing jewellery, I have a deep love for visual storytelling and brand building. Another major part of my career has been consulting with fashion brands and working closely and collaboratively with other creatives. The energy and creativity that come with these collaborations fuel my entrepreneurial spirit, driving me to continually explore new avenues in the world of design and branding.

How did your collaboration with SARAH & SEBASTIAN emerge? What made you want to come on board as the Head of Ear Alchemy?

TP: When SARAH & SEBASTIAN debuted in 2012, the trend was oversized crystal pieces — a style that I was actively designing at the time. Their innovative approach shifted this trend, pioneering delicate, fine jewellery pieces that became their signature look. 

SARAH & SEBASTIAN’s range of piercing jewellery is also unparalleled, and the meticulously designed Piercing Labs are such incredible spaces. The combination of exceptional craftsmanship and architecturally inspiring spaces made joining SARAH & SEBASTIAN an irresistible opportunity. 

“I have always admired SARAH & SEBASTIAN. From the moment Sarah and I had our first conversation, it was evident that joining the brand would be a powerful and exciting opportunity.”

How are you leading the charge for luxury piercing with SARAH & SEBASTIAN? Do you believe there is growing demand for this market and do you think this level of service is only just starting to take off?

TP: At SARAH & SEBASTIAN, we’re continually defining luxury piercing, planning every aspect of the journey. From the moment you enter the suite to the carefully selected scents and sounds, we’ve designed an environment that exudes a sense of calm and ease. SARAH & SEBASTIAN’s jewellery collection features the world’s first Platinum piercing-specific jewellery alongside 18-karat yellow gold designs.

Piercing at SARAH & SEBASTIAN offers boundless creative expression, allowing clients to experiment with placements to innovative alloy combinations. We’re also seeing a trend of luxury clients seeking a refreshing update for earring earrings, often investing upwards of $5000. In response, we offer Fine Jewellery Consultations where our Diamond Specialists assist clients in sourcing diamonds upwards of 0.5ct set in our Suspense Internally Threaded Cartilage Earrings. 

What inspires you when it comes to ear styling? What is key to a good composition?

TP: What inspires my approach to styling is the blend of elegant and unexpected. I find beauty in the subtle intricacies of a minimal and timeless style juxtaposed with unexpected piercings like a tiny diamond in a forward helix or a discreet diamond nestled in a conch. The Ear Alchemy method of styling echos great composition, and begins with not only considering the client's unique ear anatomy, but also their bone structure, facial features, how they wear their hair, and makeup, personal style and lifestyle.

Our process involves creating clever and distinctive compositions, often embracing current trends while maintaining balance and symmetry, or intentionally exploring asymmetry for a harmonious yet unconventional aesthetic; it’s an intuitive process rooted in design principles. 

For someone just starting on their Ear Alchemy journey, what are some of your top piercing & styling tips?

TP: If a client isn’t sure where to begin, I will often start by identifying piercing placements and jewellery that create a striking visual effect specific to their unique features focusing on balance. Emphasising the even distribution of visual weight and elements throughout the ear, achieving balance ensures that the overall look is harmonious and doesn’t appear imbalanced or overwhelmed.

What are some earring essentials that everyone should have in their collection?

TP: Every jewellery collection should include versatile essentials that elevate any look. Our Form hoops, Wave Hoops, Line and Tiny Cluster Earrings are perfect choices. Personally, I love the pieces from our RESURGE collection like the Duet and Spike, with a blend of pink-inspired edge and refined aesthetic.

Tell us about your own piercing journey – how many piercings do you have and how do you prefer to style them?

TP: I’ve honestly lost count of the number of piercings I have. Every few months I change all my earrings for a new look, but I always keep a few gold hoops in my lobes. Currently, I’m exploring the creative blend of platinum and 18-karat yellow gold styles. Reflecting on my teenage years, I had my belly button pierced at the age of 14 at a notorious Tattoo Studio, opting for a blue topaz stainless steel barbell — a choice I wouldn't recommend now, but a memorable part of my piercing journey!

What do you see for the future of Ear Alchemy at S&S? Any new collections or designs on the horizon? Is body jewellery on the cards? Any new piercing labs or other expansions?

TP: I’m excited to be visiting our piercing labs in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane over the holiday period, where I will be hosting a limited number of appointments available to our clients. Additionally, I’m excited to be working on designing the new Ear Alchemy collection, set to be released in early 2024. We’re continually innovating and exploring new possibilities, so stay tuned for more updates on expanding our range of earrings and upcoming designs!

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