Inspired by the ocean and marine life.


The Tidal collection is inspired by the underwater world. Expect organic silhouettes, contrasting textures and scatterings of diamonds, precious-stones and pearls.

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Long Tidal Necklace
Long Tidal Necklace $560.00 AUD
Single Tidal Earring
Single Tidal Earring $450.00 AUD
Tidal Cuff
Tidal Cuff $695.00 AUD
Large Tidal Earrings
Large Tidal Earrings $1,590.00 AUD

New Arrivals

The latest styles from our Tidal collection

Lunette Necklace
Lunette Necklace $350.00 AUD
Lucky Lunette Necklace
Lucky Lunette Necklace $980.00 AUD
Lunette Earring
Lunette Earring $450.00 AUD
Lunette Ring
Lunette Ring $295.00 AUD

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Trinity Earrings
Trinity Earrings $85.00 AUD (Single) $165.00 AUD (Pair)
Molly Earrings
Molly Earrings $90.00 AUD (Single) $180.00 AUD (Pair)
Line Chain Earring
Line Chain Earring $140.00 AUD
Aura Necklace
Aura Necklace $330.00 AUD

Best Sellers

Iconic SARAH & SEBASTIAN pieces

Liberty Ring
Liberty Ring $90.00 AUD
Drop Ring
Drop Ring $100.00 AUD
Line Earrings
Line Earrings $80.00 AUD (Single) $150.00 AUD (Pair)
Petite Letter Necklace
Petite Letter Necklace $285.00 AUD