Inspired by the ocean and marine life.


The Tidal collection is inspired by the underwater world. Expect organic silhouettes, contrasting textures and scatterings of diamonds, precious-stones and pearls.

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Baroque Hoop
Baroque Hoop $295.00 AUD
Baroque Necklace
Baroque Necklace $360.00 AUD
Baroque Ring
Baroque Ring $320.00 AUD
Lucid Diamond Choker
Lucid Diamond Choker $5,800.00 AUD
From the designer

“The designs in our TIDAL collection are an artistic interpretation of the incredible marine life I observe
during my underwater dives.”

- Sarah Gittoes of SARAH & SEBASTIAN

New Arrivals

Orbit Hoops
Orbit Hoops $240.00 AUD
Orbit Thread Earring
Orbit Thread Earring $220.00 AUD
Orbit Necklace
Orbit Necklace $295.00 AUD
Four Orbit Necklace
Four Orbit Necklace $520.00 AUD