Inspiration from the ocean the Tidal collection features organic silhouettes, sandblasted details and scatterings of white diamonds.
Playful pendants of coral and shells adorn gold and silver pieces as though they were collected from the ocean.

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Large Tidal Ring
Large Tidal Ring $1,250.00 AUD
Tidal Ring
Tidal Ring $350.00 AUD
Large Drift Necklace
Large Drift Necklace $360.00 AUD
Tidal Earrings
Tidal Earrings $1,590.00 AUD

New Arrivals

The latest styles from our Tidal collection

Lunette Necklace
Lunette Necklace $350.00 AUD
Lucky Lunette Necklace
Lucky Lunette Necklace $980.00 AUD
Lunette Earring
Lunette Earring $450.00 AUD
Lunette Ring
Lunette Ring $295.00 AUD

Best Sellers

Iconic SARAH & SEBASTIAN pieces

Lucid Diamond Ring
Lucid Diamond Ring $480.00 AUD $695.00 AUD
Petite Letter Necklace
Petite Letter Necklace $285.00 AUD
Granulated Earring Trio
Granulated Earring Trio $85.00 AUD (Single) $195.00 AUD (Pair)
Four Circlet Necklace
Four Circlet Necklace $260.00 AUD