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Introducing PRISM. A range featuring 14 different semi-precious rainbow stones, from vivid sapphires and brilliant topaz to bold tourmaline. Inspired by the works of revered Danish-Icelandic artist, Olafur Eliasson.

Shop Collection
Line Prism Necklace
Line Prism Necklace $195.00 AUD
Kinetic Hoops
Kinetic Hoops $240.00 AUD
Prism Earring
Prism Earring $650.00 AUD
Solar Earrings
Solar Earrings $1,350.00 AUD

New Arrivals

The latest styles from our Tidal collection

Spectrum Ring
Spectrum Ring $420.00 AUD
Long Spectrum Earring
Long Spectrum Earring $550.00 AUD
Long Spectrum Earring
Long Spectrum Earring $430.00 AUD
Spectrum Line Necklace
Spectrum Line Necklace $595.00 AUD
From the designer

I have long been inspired by the works of Olafur Eliasson, and I’m particularly drawn to his interesting use of colour and perspective. While his artworks appear minimal, there’s always great detail and impact; a philosophy we share at SARAH
& SEBASTIAN". - Sarah Gittoes

Best Sellers

Iconic SARAH & SEBASTIAN pieces

Lucid Diamond Ring
Lucid Diamond Ring $480.00 AUD $695.00 AUD
Quad Necklace
Quad Necklace $500.00 AUD
Petite Letter Necklace
Petite Letter Necklace $285.00 AUD
Granulated Earring Trio
Granulated Earring Trio $85.00 AUD (Single) $195.00 AUD (Pair)