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Elegant, handcrafted and timeless. The HEIRLOOM collection includes classic designs that feel like they’ve been passed down for generations – innovative jewellery that exude a sense of history, yet feature contemporary twists for something unique. With a touch of vintage inspiration and dash of romance.

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Large Coin Necklace
Large Coin Necklace $1,595.00 AUD
Perle Heirloom Ring
Perle Heirloom Ring $620.00 AUD
Torc Earrings
Torc Earrings $990.00 AUD
Petite Gesture Necklace
Petite Gesture Necklace $295.00 AUD

New Arrivals

The latest styles from our PRISM collection

Petite Petal Ring
Petite Petal Ring $240.00 AUD
Petite Heirloom Earrings
Petite Heirloom Earrings $330.00 AUD
Infinity Chain Necklace
Infinity Chain Necklace $320.00 AUD
Line Chain Bracelet
Line Chain Bracelet $440.00 AUD
From the designer

“I drew inspiration from memories of my mother's jewellery box. I particularly loved designing the Whirl Brooch. It's such a traditional piece of jewellery, but we approached it with a contemporary feel, so it's easily worn and styled to suit a modern wardrobe".
- Sarah Gittoes

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Iconic SARAH & SEBASTIAN pieces

Lunette Necklace
Lunette Necklace $350.00 AUD
Baroque Hoop
Baroque Hoop $295.00 AUD
Tiny Black Diamond Ring
Tiny Black Diamond Ring $260.00 AUD
Cancer Necklace
Cancer Necklace $295.00 AUD $325.00 AUD