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Inspired by the botanical form and the deconstruction of the iconic rose flower, SARAH & SEBASTIAN presents ROSA. A decadent collection evoking the organic beauty of nature, petals and thorns are pivotal design features.

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Corolla Ring
Corolla Ring $320.00 AUD
Rosa Earrings
Rosa Earrings $480.00 AUD
Eden Ring
Eden Ring $690.00 AUD
Rosa Chain Necklace
Rosa Chain Necklace $1,800.00 AUD

New Arrivals

The latest styles from our ROSA collection

Corolla Chain
Corolla Chain $495.00 AUD
Sepal Ring
Sepal Ring $620.00 AUD
Thin Corolla Hoops
Thin Corolla Hoops $425.00 AUD
Sepal 05 Earring
Sepal 05 Earring $895.00 AUD