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Whether you're an innovative Aquarius, a fierce Aries, or an ambitious Capricorn, SARAH & SEBASTIAN's new ZODIAC collection will not only fit with your signature style, but your personality too.

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Aries Necklace
Aries Necklace $295.00 AUD $325.00 AUD
Aries Necklace
Aries Necklace $305.00 AUD $345.00 AUD
Taurus Necklace
Taurus Necklace $295.00 AUD $325.00 AUD
Taurus Necklace
Taurus Necklace $305.00 AUD $345.00 AUD
From the designer

“The ZODIAC campaign puts real people in the spotlight to capture the different traits and idiosyncrasies of each sign.
There is a particular attitude, humour, engagement and
interaction that shines through in everyone based on their
zodiac. It feels really special.”
- Sarah Gittoes, Creative director

New Arrivals

The latest styles from our UNITY collection

Line Unity Ring
Line Unity Ring $1,100.00 AUD $2,000.00 AUD
Chiselled Unity Ring
Chiselled Unity Ring $890.00 AUD $1,900.00 AUD
Plain Unity Ring
Plain Unity Ring $890.00 AUD $1,990.00 AUD
Black Onyx Unity Ring
Black Onyx Unity Ring $1,350.00 AUD $2,200.00 AUD

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Iconic SARAH & SEBASTIAN pieces

Double Prism Earring
Double Prism Earring $2,800.00 AUD
Prism Ring
Prism Ring $1,100.00 AUD
Solar Choker
Solar Choker $2,200.00 AUD
Prism Earring
Prism Earring $650.00 AUD