SARAH & SEBASTIAN has become synonymous with a fine, barely-there aesthetic. Our pieces, whilst delicate, are crafted by hand and destined to live a long life if they are carefully worn and taken care of. We recommend following the below advice to ensure the longevity of your pieces. 

Everyday considerations: Be aware of all contact to your jewellery, delicate pieces can be caught on clothing or handbag straps without being noticed. Your jewellery should be put on last when dressing and taken off first. 

Safety first: Remove your jewellery prior to sleeping, submerging in water or exercising to avoid significant wear and tear.  

Skin: Limit the contact your piece has with perfumes, creams and makeup as these substances can accelerate the tarnishing process and congest any links or settings in your jewellery.

Storage: Your jewellery should be stored individually in its original packaging in a dry, cool place to prevent it from being scratched, tangled or tarnishing. 

TLC: Clean and polish your jewellery regularly to maintain lustre and check for wear and tear, please read on below for specific material care instructions. 

Repair: Rest assured your jewellery is covered for any manufacturing faults - you can read about your warranty here. Or, if your piece has suffered wear and tear we can provide a quote for repair in our workshop.