There are certain timeless jewellery essentials that every capsule wardrobe should have.

Made up of pieces for everyday wear and future heirlooms that can be passed down for generations to come, your jewellery collection should be curated with styles that will serve you well for a lifetime - all whilst leaving room for “statement pieces” that give certain looks personality.

From our collection to yours, discover our edit of 10 essential jewellery pieces to invest in.

Petite and practical, a signature pair of stud earrings will have an impact on any outfit. No matter the occasion, you’ll find yourself wearing stud earrings for many years to come.
Trio Diamond Earrings and Nymph Earrings


No matter the size, hoop earrings are classic everyday jewellery that creates a statement on their own. Introduce subtle sparkle with timeless solid gold hoops or diamond and opal embellished styles.

Float Diamond Hoops and Sand Diamond Peridot Hoops


Cartilage earrings are perfect for those with multiple piercings. An added touch of sparkle to your ear and designed specifically for your tragus, helix, conch (and lobes), our Internally Threaded Earrings are safe and comfortable to wear in new and healed piercings.

Fine Gossamer Cartilage Earring II and Shark Diamond Cartilage Earring


To further personalise your jewellery collection, consider a ring that will be the basis of your foundation. Invest in a style that you feel comfortable wearing bare, but that also has the potential to be worn paired.

Lunette Ring and Volume Ring

Traditionally seen as a symbol of family heritage, signet rings are now worn as an expression of style or sentimental connection. Adorned with diamonds, opals, or simple and bare, a signet ring is made to be worn solo—but of course, other rings are welcome.

Gossamer Signet Ring and Ingot Signet

An easy way to wear something meaningful, consider pieces of personal significance, like a pendant with your birthstone or initial—so that your collection remains uniquely yours. 

Petite Letter Necklace and Single Birthstone Necklace


Delicate chains or statement styles, chokers can be sophisticated and investment-worthy. Sitting higher on your neck, chokers have the potential for layering; wear yours with a dainty or pendant-style necklace.

Double Chain Choker and Sand Citrine Chain

Pairing well with almost anything, arm yourself with a single fine chain bracelet for the final touch to any outfit. With the potential for layering, keep it simple with our signature fine chain bracelet, or choose a textured chain to create a statement.

Tiny Lunette Bracelet and Staple Bracelet

Bare wrists become a thing of the past with a timeless bangle. Taking any outfit from simple to stylish, adorn your wrist with a classic everyday bangle—simple silhouettes with the potential for layering.

Bold Liberty Cuff and Form Bangle

The epitome of classic and timeless jewellery, the Tennis Bracelet exudes elegance. Once considered a novelty, this iconic style made its name on the tennis court. A piece to pass down from generation to generation, invest in longevity with this ultimate forever piece.

Suspense Tennis Bracelet