Centered on one of Australia’s most vulnerable ecosystems, the Great Barrier reef, the second film in the NOW YOU SEE ME series further highlights the challenges facing the world below the surface.

Filmed in the Great Barrier Reef, Alice Wesley Smith and SARAH & SEBASTIAN’s Creative Director, Sarah Munro, have captured footage of the iconic reef, captivated by the sophisticated, delicate world of the largest living structure on the planet. Written by RUSSH contributing editor, Anna Harrison and narrated by model and passionate advocate for the ocean Victoria Lee, the film beautifully documents the soaring reefs, deep canyons, and artistic coral forms in cinematic vision.

The Great Barrier Reef is in danger and facing urgent action. Rising ocean temperatures, fuelled by a warming climate mean the persistence of frequency in marine heatwaves. With this, coral expel zooxanthellae, losing nutrients which leads to starvation and often their death. The impact is devastating and unprecedented.

Coral of the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef

“Coral is undoubtedly resilient and whilst it is self-regenerating and regulating, the threats are occurring too quickly for the coral to adapt.

The existence of coral is defined by its harmonious exchange with the ecosystem of the ocean and now is the time to take meaningful action to restore the balance in our environment.”

– Sarah Munro


Coral of the Great Barrier Reef

Coral of the Great Barrier Reef

Conservation is not something that cannot be done in isolation, so the organisations that we partner with are integral to the mission of the NOW YOU SEE ME series. 

As we celebrate our 10th Anniversary, we look ahead to the next decade, which is crucial for ocean conservation. The Xanthe Project is SARAH & SEBASTIAN’s pledge as a company to donate over a million dollars to ocean conservation within the next decade. 

Building on our three-year partnership with the Australian Marine Conservation Society, we have carefully chosen additional partners who align with our mission across education, activism, political change and commercial impact.

The Xanthe Project is proud to support four independent Australian not-for-profit organisations;

The Australian Marine Conservation Society, Australia’s only national charity dedicated solely to protecting its precious ocean wildlife, passionate advocates who have defended our oceans for over 55 years.

Ocean Impact Organisation, which is a startup accelerator, with the purpose to transform ocean health by helping people start, grow, and invest in businesses that positively impact the ocean,

Take 3 for the Sea, an organisation built on a simple yet profound idea, to take 3 pieces of rubbish with you whenever you visit a beach or waterway. They are building a global movement, establishing education programs in schools, surf clubs and communities.

The Coral Sea Foundation’s Sea Women of the Great Barrier Reef program. This program empowers indigenous women from The Great Barrier Reef sea-country with the practical marine science skills and the marine conservation knowledge they need to be effective advocates for sustainable management of their marine resources. 

Donations will be made from various initiatives including collection and product-specific sales as well as ongoing contributions. 

As we continue to make waves within the jewellery industry, ocean conservation will be at the heart of our vision and The Xanthe Project is our commitment to support those who are really making an impact.

Coral of the Great Barrier Reef

Photographs taken at The Great Barrier Reef, by Sarah Munro.