8 Earring Essentials To Elevate Your Ear Styling

8 Earring Essentials To Elevate Your Ear Styling

At SARAH & SEBASTIAN, earrings are a celebration of self, designed to echo your unique style story. Handrafted in our Sydney studio, the earring collection invites you to explore and express your style through the art of layering and one-of-a-kind combinations. Embark on a transformative Ear Alchemy journey and take your earring styling to new heights with our top 8 earring essentials to stand the test of time.

Pave diamond stud earrings by Sarah & Sebastian


Stud earrings are quintessential ear styling pieces beloved for their minimalist versatility. Available in various silhouettes and motifs or with gemstones, pearls, or diamonds, they are the ultimate pared-back must-haves that sit comfortably on the earlobe and layer effortlessly with a range of hoops, ear cuffs and statement pieces.

For understated simplicity, opt for an all-stud ensemble with a mix of different shapes, sizes embellishments and motifs, or keep it classic and unified with matching stud earrings.


Model wears the Suspense diamond cartilage earrings by Sarah & Sebastian


Timeless and versatile, our diamond earrings range from delicate studs with petite diamonds to larger statement styles with handselected diamonds. Adding a layer of luxury and brilliance to your ear styling, these classic essentials trandscend trends and can be layered with all types of earrings.

All our responsibly sourced natural diamonds are handpicked to ensure they are of the highest quality. We invite you to read more about our diamond guide or learn more about the differences between lab-grown and natural diamonds.


Channel diamond hoops in different sizes by Sarah & Sebastian


With circular silhouettes, hoop earrings are a celebration of continuity and are one of the most universally flattering earring styles. Ranging in size from small and dainty, to large and bold, our versatile range of hoops includes everything from diamond-embellished pieces, like our Gossamer Hoops, to chunky statement styles, like our Sphere Hoops, or those adorned with opals or blue topaz gemstones.

Wear large, bold hoops as hero pieces in the lobe, and layer them in descending sizes up the ear to create a cascading look that elongates the neck and frames the face.


An ear diagram charting different ear placements and diamond cartilage earrings


Unlike traditional stud earrings that push through the piercing hole from the front, and are secure together with a classic butterfly backing, internally threaded earrings are inserted into the piercing from the back of the ear, and feature a smooth post with a flat backing. The front embellished piece features a screw connection that threads into the back piece securly, making them ideal for cartilage piercings including the flat, conch, tragus, daith, rook, helix and forward helix.  

Adorn your ear from top to bottom with our internally threaded earrings to balance out larger or bolder statement earrings on the lobe and add an unexpected element to your Ear Alchemy™ styling.

For expert ear styling advice with cartilage piercings, book a complimentary Ear Alchemy Styling appointment with our expert piercers at one of our Piercing Labs.


Model wears the Divers Earring with diamonds and emeralds by Sarah & Sebastian


Single earrings are intended to be worn as a singular hero piece. The key to owning this style is going bold with a statement asymmetrical look. Balance a single power earring with a series of smaller studs or cartilage earrings that climb up the ear, or mix and match it with hoop earrings for a distinctive edge.


Opal and diamond stud earrings by Sarah & Sebastian


Gemstone earrings are the ultimate way to add a point of difference to your Ear Alchemy styling. Responsibly sourced from the depths of South Australia, our opal earrings present a captivating spectacle of colours which come to life when contrasted with minimalist gold or silver pieces. Championing fluttering butterfly silhouettes and delicate marquise cabochon cuts, they feature an alchemy of textures and hues that will add depth to your everyday styling. 

For a more subtle pop of colour, our most loved birthstone earrings are delicate pieces to imbue a personal touch to your Ear Alchemy styling. Correlating to individual birth months, each piece is adorned with a specific gemstone holding unique qualities and symbolism. Whether it's the rejuvenating green of May's emerald or the royal purple of February's amethyst, they can be worn solo for a pared-back look or layered with other studs and hoops from the SARAH & SEBASTIAN earring collection. 

To discover more about each birthstone's rich history and significance, discover our comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about birthstone jewellery.


Sterling silver and solid gold mixed metal hoops and studs by Sarah & Sebastian


For an ultra modern look with a bold edge, opt for mixed metals with our sterling silver and 10-karat or 18-karat yellow gold earrings. A bold gold hoop paired with a dainty silver stud achieves an exquisite balance of colour and form, creating a contrasting yet elevated aesthetic.


Yellow gold Petite Letter stud earrings by Sarah & Sebastian


Championing a barely-there aesthetic, weave your personal style story into your Ear Alchemy™ with our best selling Petite Letter Earring™, featuring delicate letters in solid 10-karat yellow or white gold. 

With a delightful simplicity, these studs are the ultimate minimalist pieces to add a touch of personalisation to your ear styling or as a meaningful gift for your loved ones. Match them with pieces from our most loved Petite Letter™ collection including our Petite Letter Necklace™ and our Petite Charm Necklace™ with a mix of letters, birthstones and heart motifs.

Melbourne City piercing lab by Sarah & Sebastian


Ear piercing and styling can be a daunting experience, but at SARAH & SEBASTIAN, our expert team are with you every step of the way to help you easily navigate this journey. We specialise in earring placements and professional body piercing to the highest standards, enhancing your ears with a tailored approach.

While traditional ear styling focuses on symmetry, we embrace experimentation and uniqueness, illuminating your features with handselected pieces from our extensive earring collection. We invite you to dive into the limitless possibilities and step into our Ear Alchemy™ world, hosted at our Piercing Labs across Australia. Book your piercing and Ear Alchemy Styling appointments here.


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