IN HER BOX with Pip Edwards

IN HER BOX with Pip Edwards



Introducing the inaugural edition of IN HER BOX, a series of interviews with women who inspire us. In Vol.1, we visited our muse, Pip Edwards.

Pip Edwards requires no introduction. As co-founder of P.E Nation, she is not only a pioneer of the Australian fashion industry, but a modern style icon. Boasting a wardrobe that seamlessly blends her label’s signature athletic pieces back with high-end accessories and envy-inducing heels, Pip epitomises contemporary luxury. Passionate and dynamic, with an eclectic aesthetic, we sat down with Pip in her Bondi apartment to talk inspiration, supporting women and her jewellery habits.





Why 15 + 1 Questions with SARAH & SEBASTIAN?


SARAH & SEBASTIAN '15 + 1 questions' is a reference to a the measurement of our chain length. 15inch + 1inch extension inch. It is our fun play on quick questions which relates to our passion. Read below the 15+ 1 questions of our empowered women and their passions.


1. Do you have a treasured heirloom? 

My mum's first engagement ring featuring two big beautiful pearls. It's totally locked away, waiting for me to hand it down.


2. What did your childhood jewellery box look like?

I had access to my mum's jewellery box and we shared everything, so it was pretty good! I'm one lucky girl, and an only child. My mum is Middle Eastern, so it's customary to shower newborns with gold - there was a stash of awesome classic middle eastern treasures.


3. What's your favourite piece from the HEIRLOOM collection?

Wow, I love it all. The coin story is beautiful and wearable for every day. I also love the pearl and diamond Heirloom rings. They are very special pieces.


4. Weirdest piercing?

I have 10 piercings and they are all in my ears - 7 on my left ear, 3 on my right.


5. What jewellery do you wear to exercise in?

All of it. I never take off my jewellery. I never even take my earrings out; I just sleep with them all in.


6. What'd on your workout playlist?

Daft Punk and Hot Chip. 


7. What's your shopping weakness?

Shoes. Shoes. Shoes. 


8. Favourite place to view art?

I'm time poor, so at the moment it's Pinterest. 


9. Describe your style in a hashtag

#tomboy #streetsport #designer #penation #lol 


10. You're a Taurus. What Taurean trait do you identify with? 

I am a textbook Taurus. Whatever you have read about a Taurus, I am. Passionate to the bone, I'm totally about the senses (touch, feel, scent, sight). 100% dedicated, loyal, stubborn, materialistic, intelligent and diligent, and a natural leader. 


11. Ultimate style icon? 

I have so many and they are varied - Veronika Heilbrunner, Ursina Gysi, Bella Hadid, Hailey Baldwin, Christine Centenera, Elle Macpherson, Claire Tregoning. 


12. You're a trailblazer in your industry. What advice would you give to the younger generation?

Hard work and persistence pays off. Working knowledge and experience is everything. You gotta do the time. 


13. What cause are you championing at the moment?

At the moment I'm all about sharing knowledge and experience and supporting other women in business to show the world that women and mothers can really do it all! 


14. What do you want to be remembered for?

Leaving my mark and legacy in the fashion industry. For creating a brand that had a strong community that brought women and men together, united in the Nation, looking and performing to their best ability. 


15. What's your undying passion?

MUSIC AND FASHION... and my heartbreaker son, Justice. 


16. Where did you first discover SARAH & SEBASTIAN?

A girlfriend bought me my very first "P" necklace. Later, I was lucky enough to share a showroom space in Paris with the SARAH & SEBASTIAN team two years ago, so have a strong connection with the brand. 


    Photography: Bowen Arico