MEET THE TEAM: Lucy (Jeweller)


We know you want to know who is making your jewellery. Introducing our MEET THE TEAM series, where you'll find out more about the people who make each coveted style to order. 




Lucy is one of SARAH & SEBASTIAN's dedicated jewellers. We spoke to her about her work and her favourite pieces this week.



1. What do you love about working at SARAH & SEBASTIAN?

I love fine jewellery and especially this collection. I still have to pinch myself because I feel like I've landed my dream job. I love the atmosphere in the studio and the work we do is really fun and interesting.


2. How long have you been working as a jeweller for?

I have been a jeweller for almost 3 years now.


3. What attracted you to this career?

I went to a creative arts school so found my passion for creativity quite early. During my teen years, a lot of my friends got into the fashion blogging industry which led me to follow jewellery and fashion brands on social media. Towards the end of 2015, I was scrolling Instagram and came across a SARAH & SEBASTIAN post and thought about the process of jewellery manufacturing and that's what led me to look into it as a career option.


4. What would you say is your speciality when it comes to jewellery production?

My strength definitely lies in fine soldering and small intricate pieces because that's what I like to wear. I tend to get more practice because I make a lot for myself at home.


5. What's your favourite piece from the HEIRLOOM COLLECTION?

That's such a hard question. I love the entire collection and I would wear it all. I guess I could say that I am currently drawn to all of our earrings because there's such a diversity in the collection, and you can basically wear any of our earrings on any occasion.


6. Gold or Silver? Pearls or diamonds?

I love my gold. Diamonds and pearls...I WANT IT ALL!