The PRISM campaign for SARAH AND SEBASTIAN featuring Rae Rodriguez 

Creative Direction: Sarah Gittoes 

Photography: Michael Naumoff 

Hair/Makeup: Filomena Natoli 

Talent: Rae Rodriguez 


SARAH & SEBASTIAN introducing PRISM. Featuring a wide range of semi-precious stones in 14 colours, from vivid blue, pink and yellow sapphires to brilliant topaz and tourmaline. The collection plays on silhouettes, with circular and linear structures through to organic sculptural shapes and warped discs of metal.

The collection was inspired by the works of revered Danish-Icelandic artist, Olafur Eliasson, famous for his large scale interactive installations inspired by colour, temperature, time and light. Coupled with their bold experimentation and interest in mathematical concepts, the result includes exceptional settings, free moving elements and unique colour hues.

Each story features a statement earring as well as complimenting studs and ear cuffs, allowing you to pick and choose your desired look. This season’s limited-edition Double Prism Earrings encapsulate the essence of the collection: a strong statement piece in a classic silhouette, across a full rainbow of colour. The limited-edition style pushes the boundaries and emulates our unique vision for occasion dressing.