RELIC is a directional collection from SARAH & SEBASTIAN, inspired by one of Creative Director Sarah Gittoes’ dive expeditions, where she encountered decaying shipwrecks flourishing with coral. This moving underwater experience catalysed an anthropologically conscious collection which translates nature’s restorative essence.


In both its concept and aesthetic, RELIC explore s Yūgen, a traditional Japanese theory defined as a profound, mysterious sense of the beauty of the universe and the sad beauty of human mortality.


‘I’ve found that my diving experiences directly and indirectly influence my design inspiration and process. The unique beauty and intricacies hidden in the ocean are boundless and always feel new and undiscovered to me. The dive trip that inspired RELIC was an encounter that left me with a deep sense of sadness and awe, witnessing the remains of a devastating piece of history which was flourishing with brightly coloured coral.’ - Sarah Gittoes, Creative Director


RELIC celebrates irregularities and imperfections through hand textured surfaces, fractured silhouettes and unique settings. In line with the collection’s inspiration, semi-precious stones including violet tanzanite and lilac amethyst are featured, reminiscent of the ocean in the late evening and in its depths.

Silhouettes take inspiration from the 90s grunge subculture in a nod to individualism and lend their form from the human anatomy and the traditional Japanese art of Kintsugi. RELIC put emphasis on innovative stone settings whereby traditional techniques are replaced by bespoke settings designed to conceal and reveal each stone in an unexpected way.