Reminding you of a time or memory that was, there's not a more redundant feeling than keeping something that you don't wear anymore but you can't bring yourself to throw away.

In an age and time where sustainability is at the forefront of consumer's and business's minds alike, maybe you've taken precautions; you've stopped spending as much, consuming as much and wasting as much.With ways to recycle batteries, bottles and phones, we are now stepping into an age where we have the technology, accessibility and means to recycle fashion and jewellery. A sense of renewal, helping the environment (and your bank account), what are you doing if not recycling?

An opportunity to recycle your post-loved, post-worn, post-broken jewellery, introducing SARAH & SEBASTIAN's Recycling Initiative; a way to give back to the environment (and yourself). 

At SARAH & SEBASTIAN, we believe in a circular economy philosophy, minimising waste by handcrafting pieces to order, recycling our lemel and scrap and providing a local repair and refurbishment service.
We also understand that individual style can change over time. Fortunately, our fine jewellery is handcrafted from precious raw materials that hold their value and are entirely recyclable. 

If you have a SARAH & SEBASTIAN piece that is no longer worn, we invite you to return it for recycling, in exchange for store credit of up to 20% of the original purchase price.*

Simply complete the form online with details of your piece or pieces, which will be reviewed by our team.

Once approved, our team will share details for how to return to our Sydney workshop or drop-off at a SARAH & SEBASTIAN store.

*Terms & Conditions apply.