Morphing papillae illuminate, camouflage, communicate. Environmental mimicry, visceral texture, a blue-print for disguise. Sensory organs drift, float. A dance of iridescence, opalescence. Transparent, gelatinous tissue. Armour for modern chameleons.

SKIN is an exploration of the outermost layer’s transformative nature, an intrinsic balance of textures executed by self-manifestation. Inspired by the illuminated properties of sea creatures' skin, each piece within the collection is designed to interact with and augment the body.

Whilst on a dive in South Australia, our Creative Director witnessed the annual migration of thousands of cuttlefish.Their skin illuminated and transformed like nothing else she had seen before. This experience became the inspiration behind the collection, as a strong mimicry of visceral experiences stands within the granular fibres of octopus skin and their curling techniques, represented in the bumpy textures and strong silhouettes.

SARAH & SEBASTIAN are proud to be an ongoing Gold Supporter of the Australian Marine Conservation Society, devoted to the cause of protecting the very marine life that inspires each collection. The Australian Marine Conservation Society is the only national charity solely dedicated to protecting Australia’s precious ocean wildlife.

Imagery from our Creative Director, Sarah Gittoes.