Q&A with Sarah Gittoes - Styling Pearls

Q&A with Sarah Gittoes - Styling Pearls



Co-Founder and Creative Director Sarah Gittoes shares personal styling tips for wearing pearls. 


1. Do you remember your own first encounter with pearls, and what drew you to them?

My earliest memory of pearls is connected to my grandmother. She had a beautiful baroque pearl necklace that she wore every day. This treasured memory combined with my love of the ocean and diving is what inspired me to use pearls in our collection. I’m an avid scuba diver so I thought they perfectly represented the beauty of underwater life in an artistic way.


2. What do you like about them as jewellers that set them apart from other precious stones

They are delicate, light and have an understated luxury that resonates with us. The visual softness and organic contrast with metal is beautiful.


3. How would you describe the way Sarah and Sebastian approach pearls?

Pearls are undeniably precious. At SARAH & SEBASTIAN every baroque pearl used, is handpicked by one of our artisan jewellers, making this a truly unique offering for our clients. We celebrated the large organic form of the baroque pearl, juxtaposing it with the finest of wires as a single earring, or hanging it loosely like a charm, from a thin ring band. This contemporary approach to pearls felt new and exciting, to bring a traditional gemstone into the modern wardrobe.





4. What has informed your delicate approach to jewellery more broadly as a label?

There's been a return to the effortless and unfussed approach to personal style, and delicate jewellery is an easy way to create that effect. Women are gravitating towards finer jewellery pieces as a foundation due to its wearability and opportunities to create personal meaning. I feel it is important to create pieces that maintain quality and craftsmanship and explore our passion for art and design, but compliment a minimal and delicate aesthetic.


5. How has the way women wear jewellery changed? Have the places they wear jewellery changed and how?

The way jewellery is worn today has evolved so much, mostly to reflect the unique style of the wearer. Both women and men are layering their pieces, value personalisation and use jewellery as a medium to communicate their personal story.




7. What would you say to women who might associate pearls with older, more traditional Jewellery?

We have quite an unconventional approach when it comes to pearls in the way that they are worn and set. It all comes down to personal style and having fun. The colour of pearls make it so easy to style back with jeans and a t-shirt or with a more elevated look.


8. Given the above, how would you advise pearls be worn to avoid looking dated?

Our inclusion of pearls in our earrings steer clear of an outdated approach. We prefer asymmetrical styles and encourage the pearl to be worn singularly.


9. How would you advise wearing them for an occasion versus a more off-duty look?

The language of pearls communicates sophistication for occasion dressing. As single pearl layered with other pieces creates texture and achieves an off-duty look. Keeping it simple can feel more suitable for an occasion. Pieces made with fine metals like silver and 9k gold are definitely the most versatile and understated and could easily take you from day to night. Our Gold Baroque Necklace for example is quite subtle, and features a luminous and floating charm which can be worn everyday. The pendant necklace combines locally sourced materials with an artisanal craftsmanship to gracefully lend a feminine ease to evening silhouettes.  


10. How do you advise looking after pearls to maintain their lustre?

A simple wipe down after wearing with a soft cloth and warm water will keep pearls free from dirt and protect their lustrous outer layer. Keep pearls away from any harsh chemical such as soaps, perfume and hairspray. So if you’re getting ready for a night out, make sure your pearl piece is always the finishing touch.