The WHITE campaign for SARAH AND SEBASTIAN featuring Ondria Hardin 


Creative Direction: Caterina Scardino 

Photography: Bowden Arico

Hair/Makeup: Filomena Natoli 

Talent: Ondria Hardin 

Inspired by the values of quality, simplicity and design, SARAH & SEBASTIAN introduce WHITE. The WHITE collection is our first foray into exclusively bridal designs, and features a collection of ready-made rings, as well as the option to co-create with the designers in our Paddington flagship store.

The collection was inspired by flora, particularly white proteas and waratahs. Options for diamonds are a classic white - for the woman who appreciates tradition, Champagne - for the unconventional woman, and Lab-formed - for the conscious woman. All diamonds are ethically sourced natural diamonds, or lab-formed – a decision made by Sarah Gittoes and Robert Sebastian Grynkofki which very much speaks to our generation and our concern with knowing where our diamonds are coming from.

Create your own engagement rings for under $5,000, while more directional pieces stark at the $40,000 mark – meaning there’s options for most budgets. All the pieces come in 10K & 18K yellow, rose and white gold, all of which is locally sourced and recycled.