Present Piercing & Soldered Studio at MECCA Flagship, Sydney.

Exclusive to MECCA Flagship in Sydney, we are excited to introduce our first Piercing service and bring our Soldered Bracelet Experience to the new store.



Our Soldered bracelets are a unique, in-person experience. The permanence and sentimentality of a tattoo combined with the style and luxury of handcrafted jewellery. Available as a simple or chain or personalised with charms.

$160 Booking Fee (Plain 10k Yellow Gold Soldered Bracelet, Sliders additional)

Please see the full collection of slider charms and prices on offer below.


Our piercers will provide personalised styling and piercing advice and conduct the service in a private treatment room with high-level sterilisation using needles and 18k gold jewellery.

$180 Booking Fee (1 Piercing + 18k Gold Sphere or Tiny Heart earring)

Cost breakdown:
1 Piercing - $40
2 Piercings - $60
3 Piercings - $80

Please see the full collection of earrings and prices on offer below.

Find us at MECCA’s first flagship on level one, and book your appointment at MECCA here. November and December appointments now available.

10 karat yellow gold letter charms are priced at $45

10 karat charms start from $30 and range upwards to $180.

Tiny Heart Earring $140

Tiny Sphere Earring $140

Trinity Earring $170

Shark Diamond Earring $200

Element Diamond Earring $220

Trio Diamond Earring $230

Rhombus Diamond Earring $240

Tiny Wave Earring $280

Tiny Chroma Opal Earring $295

Tiny Cluster Earring $330

Bloom Diamond Earring $390

2mm Lunette Earring $275, 3mm Lunette Earring $720