A signature of SARAH & SEBASTIAN, birthstone necklaces and bracelets include a precious gemstone, corresponding to your birth month; with symbolic meaning. Each stone has a unique meaning and significance. 

Unlike zodiac signs, when you ask someone “what is your birthstone”, it’s not often they know, however, their origins are tied; tracing back to the book of Exodus, and specifically the breast plate of Aaron, adorned with 12 gemstones. Later in the 5th century, the connection was made by tying the twelve months of the year, and the twelve zodiac signs, by theorising that each gem was connected to a certain month or astrological alignment. It was believed that each gem provided therapeutic benefits during that time.

To receive the full benefit, it was initially known for one person to own all 12 birthstones, and to wear each gem on the corresponding month; attributing different meanings and value to them. During this time, the value of the gemstone wasn’t as important as the colour. Eventually this tradition was modified to only wear the gemstone related to your birth month; a reminder to celebrate your birth month all year long.

Long been a way to connect your birth month with a rare and unique gemstone, tradition behind them continues to fascinate cultures worldwide; along with their historical background, and their symbolism. A meaningful gift for yourself, or a loved one, these gemstones mean much more as you discover what your unique birthstone says about you.

January – Garnet

With its high refractive index, Garnets give the impression of emitting light. This phenomenon led explorers to carry garnets with them on their journeys, warding off evil and lighting up in night; offering protection from nightmares

February – Amethyst
Derived from the ancient Greek word ‘amethustos’, which translates to ‘not drunk’, it is believed that if you wear an amethyst, it prevents the urge to overindulgence. Exuding wealth and power, Amethyst calms the spirit with its cool and deep violet colour.

March – Aquamarine
A combination of two words, aqua meaning water, and marina, meaning the sea, these gems are reminiscent of an endless ocean. Used by sailors, aquamarines were said to give good luck and ensure safe voyage. Highly sought for their beautiful colour, this gem inspires harmony and is used for calming purposes.

April – Diamond
One of the rarest gemstones in the world, diamonds undergo extreme pressures and temperatures below the surface of the earth. Valued and prized for generations, they were once thought to be lighting on earth. Symbolising eternal love and protection, they are commonly given as engagement rings.

May – Emerald
Derived from the ancient Greek word “smagardos”, which translates to green, Emeralds inspire thoughts of springtime and renewal. A unique gemstone due its resistance to scratches, is said to have magical qualities to prevent illness and foster fertility and wealth.

June – Pearl
A hard glistering gem, produced within the soft tissue of a mollusk shell, the word Pearl comes from the French word “perle”. Symbolising wisdom, perseverance and integrity, pearls have long been a timeless wardrobe staple. Traditionally given as a wedding gift, they inspire purity, humility and innocence.

July – Ruby
Derived from the latin word “rubeus”, meaning red, rubies are rich and vibrant in colour and known to increase strength and courage. Long associated with blood, rubies were seen as a symbol of power or youthful energy. These fiery gems exhibit fluorescence, causing rubies to glow, tying the birthstone to flame and fire.

August – Peridot
Known as the stone of compassion, Peridot is associated with strength and balance. Believed to bring good health and assist in balancing emotion, it possesses the ability to calm your mind by inspiring renewal; offering protection from nightmares and evil.

September – Sapphire
Seen as a symbol of the heavens, and traditionally a favourite of priests and kings, Sapphires symbolise wisdom and innocence; stimulating concentration and enhancing creativity. Adorning a beep blue colour, it is believed to promote truth and success, removing unwanted thoughts and mental tension.

October – Opal
The national gemstone of our home Australia, these unique beauties are created when silica-rich water seeps into deep cracks and voids in the earth's crust. The muse of artists, writers and creatives, Opals symbolise hope and happiness. There is more than meets the eye, as opals display a variety of unpredictable colours. Believed to hold the powers of every gemstone; soothing sadness and envy, coming to life as it shifts colour.

November – Citrine
The warm colour of Citrine is said to be a gift from the sun; channelling its power and positivity. It is believed to have healing properties and improve your mood, by inspiring you to appreciate your surroundings.

December – Turquoise
Derived from the French expression “pierre tourques”, which translates to “Turkish stone’, this gem has existed for centuries and is regarded as one of the world’s oldest gemstones. Known as a love charm, it also symbolises good fortune and success; relaxing the mind and inspiring tranquil energy. Thought to possess many beneficial powers, this deep blue-green stone represents strength, serenity and creativity; keeping evil spirits away.