The Versatility of Pear Engagement Rings

The Versatility of Pear Engagement Rings

With origins dating back to the 1400s, the pear-cut diamond rose to prominence in the 20th century, becoming synonymous with royalty and iconic film stars. To this day, the pear-cut diamond remains one of the most enduring and versatile choices for an engagement ring, offering an elevated yet unconventional sensibility. Delving into its unwavering appeal, we sat down with our in-house GAA-certified Diamond Specialist and head of our Engagement and Fine Jewellery services, Kate Stanton, to discuss the unique qualities of a pear diamond and its symbolic ties to eternal romance.



Also known as the pendeloque cut, a pear-cut diamond is unique in shape, featuring soft curves and a rounded base that tapers toward a pointed tip. Thanks to this distinctive asymmetrical silhouette resembling a teardrop, it has long become associated with tears of happiness and notions of enduring love and eternal joy.

“The pear diamond is one of the most elevated shapes, combining the elongated elegance of a marquise and the timeless appeal of a round brilliant cut stone,” muses Kate. “It is the embodiment of romance, a tangible symbol of joy and love.”

"Pear diamonds are the embodiment of romance, a tangible symbol of joy and love"


With a combination of curves and linear features, the pear diamond is one of the most versatile shapes for an engagement ring, offering unlimited choices when it comes to settings and band styles. “Many Sarah & Sebastian clients choose to set their Pear diamonds on our sleek knife band with an understated solitaire setting, complementing the angular nature of both band and stone,” reveals Kate.

Kate goes on to note that another popular choice is an East-West pear diamond, set in our signature Suspense setting. “This style is bold and modern with an unconventional twist; the band tapers on one side, following the natural form of the pear stone,” she explains. Alternatively, for those with a penchant for maximalism, she recommends opting for our Multi-diamond Engagement Ring design, featuring a hero pear diamond set at an angle, surrounded by a number of smaller accent stones.

When it comes to pairing your engagement ring with your wedding band, Kate suggests a matching piece embellished with pear diamonds to celebrate and enhance the hero stone. “The pared-back nature of our Solitaire or Suspense Engagement Rings makes room for playful or sculptural wedding bands, like our Half Endless Pear Diamond Ring or Pear Bezel Wave Ring. Alternatively, you can never go wrong with a classic eternity band with East-West set pear diamonds like our Suspense Pear Eternity Ring,” she notes.

"Brilliant pears have kite-like facets on the crown of the diamond, allowing for mesmerising displays of brilliance and fire"


The diamond serves as the foundation for every Sarah & Sebastian engagement ring. Prioritising cut and brilliance,  when hand selecting each stone, we only work with the most exquisite responsible GIA-graded natural diamonds, which have been uniquely formed in the depths of our Earth's mantle over millions of years.

When it comes to pear diamonds, we often source a brilliant pear cut, as it offers desirable performance under light. “Brilliant pears have kite-like facets on the crown of the diamond, allowing for mesmerising displays of brilliance (sparkle) and fire (a spectrum of colours displaying under light),” shares Kate.

Under the guidance of Creative Director and Gemmologist Sarah Munro FGAA, we meticulously craft each engagement ring in our Sydney studio, bringing your unique story to life with care and precision. Your dedicated Diamond Specialist will be your trusted guide throughout the journey, from the moment you step into our intimate Engagement suites, to design and production.


Handcrafted by our master jewellers, each engagement ring is a marriage of original design and precision Australian craftsmanship. A ring will take roughly eight weeks to craft, from initial consultation to diamond sourcing and the finished piece arriving in your hands.

During your appointment, a Diamond Specialist will take you through our quality parameters, how we handpick our diamonds, the importance of diamond cut, colour, clarity and carat, as well as discuss quotes according to your specific requirements including design, ring size, claw number and chosen alloy.

Hosted virtually or in one of our private engagement suites at our StrandBrisbaneMosman or Armadale stores, our engagement consultations are an opportunity to learn about our considered design ethos, explore our signature offering, and create your perfect engagement ring. Discover the full engagement experience and book an appointment with a diamond specialist here.

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